We support your corporate activities with advanced and proposal-based analysis.

As materials analysis specialists, Nissan Arc offers comprehensive services.
We support monozukuri through visualization, quantification, and prediction technologies based on the three core approaches of problem-solving, research, and evaluation.

01Problem-solving approach

We make the most of our original technologies and knowhow to elucidate various phenomena encountered in diverse environments (e.g., degradation phenomena such as fracture, deformation, or discoloration; malfunction due to adhesion of foreign materials) and extract control items, to help customers resolve the issues that emerge in various scenes.

02Research-based approach

Armed with advanced analytical technologies, we support the research and development of materials for our customers. In close partnership with materials experts in crystallography, surface analysis, organic analysis, and inorganic analysis, we promote the development of cutting-edge technologies and the industrial use of advanced analysis.

03Evaluation-based approach

We can measure the composition and mechanical properties of a wide range of organic and inorganic materials. In particular, we are exceptionally qualified in ultratrace element analysis and analysis of properties in the nano range.
We can also suggest appropriate follow-up analyses to elucidate phenomena observed during measurement processes.


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