Through the provision of advanced materials analysis technologies, achieve breakthroughs alongside our valued customers

Nissan Arc supports customers in solving materials-related challenges through provision of its analytical technologies, and contributes to society through the realization of customer innovations.

Management Policies

  • 01Deliver comprehensive analytical consulting to customers

    Beyond solely outputting analytical data, we will combine our wealth of experience with appropriate analytical methods to provide optimal solutions to the challenges faced by customers.

  • 02Play a leading role in electrification and light-weight technologies via advanced analytical technologies

    We will continue to evolve analytical technologies to solve challenges in areas such as batteries, power electronics, materials, and bonding and joining—technologies key to achieving carbon neutrality—and aggressively develop advanced technologies in fields such as synchrotron radiation analysis and materials informatics.

  • 03Foster human resources with both expertise in analytical technologies and insights into manufacturing

    We will train our human resources to cultivate expertise in wide-ranging analytical technologies and foster a mindset that seeks insights into materials, parts, and processes focused on the automotive industry.

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