Supporting all manufacturing industries with analytical knowledge and experience

As a company that was spun off from an automotive company, we have a wealth of experience in supporting the research, development, production, and market quality of automobiles, which are composed of many components. We provide support to solve problems that occur not only with individual materials, but also with various components and assemblies, based on our knowledge of various phenomena and comprehensive analysis and consideration.

Providing unparalleled consulting services in analysis and analytical technologies

In many cases, technical issues and defects are caused by a combination of many factors. It is not easy to reach the cause of the problem with a single analysis. The solution to the problem may take many twists and turns. The first step is to understand the phenomenon by observing the problem, organizing peripheral information, formulating a hypothesis, and predicting the results. We will work with you to understand the phenomenon, organize the surrounding information, formulate a hypothesis, and predict the results. We coordinate analysis and analysis methods to solve the "Why?" One of our strengths is the provision of "issue consulting" backed by analytical technology.

Provide advanced technologies, including advanced analysis and digital solutions, to solve problems.

Advanced analysis technologies, such as more detailed microscopic information and molecular structure estimation, are also available not only for research and development, but also for development and market quality response through the comprehensive use of synchrotron radiation and large-scale first-principles calculations.

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