Confirmation of contents

Please provide as much detail as possible about the purpose of the consultation, background, sample type and number of samples, and delivery date.We will protect the confidentiality of your consultation. A confidentiality agreement is also available.

Proposal of analysis method and preparation of quotation

We will propose the most suitable analysis method for your purpose and send you a quotation.

Customer's approval Sending of samples

If the sample is easy to understand, please send it to us by courier.
You can also bring your own samples. The more detailed the explanation and discussion, the more reliable the analysis will be.


In the case of standard analysis, where sample pretreatment is relatively simple, the turnaround time is two weeks. For urgent analysis, a surcharge will be applied. (25% surcharge within 7 working days, 50% surcharge within 4 working days, and 100% surcharge within 1 working day after sample acquisition)


The report will be sent by e-mail, telephone or fax.
We will prepare a report and send it to you together with a delivery note and an invoice.


Please make a bank transfer.

Please feel free to contact us !