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Understanding the bonding condition with structural analysis


Diversified joining methods due to weight reduction

To achieve weight reduction, multi-materials based on steel are being considered. In particular, bonding is linked to various issues, and understanding the state of bonding is an important quality issue.

Case Study 1: Iron - Iron Spot Welding

Here are some examples using iron-to-iron spot welding. During spot welding, different microstructural structures are formed around the weld. Since each microstructure has a characteristic of high or low hardness, it is possible to estimate the vulnerable area due to the application of force.

Case Study 2: Iron - Aluminum FSW (Friction Stir Welding)

The following is an example of fracture surface observation by FSW performed at the same pressure and rotation time but at different rotation speeds. Comparing the two samples, it can be inferred that the difference in heat input due to rotational speed affects the bonding strength, since the sample with stronger bonding strength has more aluminum uniformly remaining on the fracture surface, indicating cohesive

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